Do you need to sell your unwanted property quickly?
Whatever the reason?!

  • Are you facing possible foreclosure?
  • Behind on payments and bills adding up?
  • Have you been transferred or relocating out of town?
  • Dealing with a divorce; separation; family estate?
  • Fed up with bad tenants, want out of the rental racket?
  • Are you 100% financed and still need more?
  • Property vacant, has deferred maintenance or fire damage?

These problems can happen to anyone, we understand. We buy houses from people in these and other types of situations when you need to sell and sell now! There are many creative ways we can help you find a creative solution for your needs.

Are you facing foreclosure? Behind a few months on your mortgage payment and property tax? 
Is this the home of your dreams and your dreams are crumbling in front of you?


Would you consider creative solutions that let you stay in your home?

We may be able to help make this happen. If you have equity in your home, consider selling your home to us. We will remedy the arrears and lease your home back to you. Together we'll negotiate reasonable options that allow you to stay in your home and buy it back when you are ready for ownership again.

  • No packing & moving
  • No up routing children from their neighborhood and changing schools
  • No more creditors threatening to take away your home!


  • Do you now own a property from a family member's estate? Is it clear title, or has a very small mortgage? Has it been vacant for a while, there's deferred maintenance or it just really, really needs to be renovated. Not interested in taking this on?
  • Are you dealing with divorce or separation? Do you need to sell your jointly owned house so you can buy a new place suited just for you?
  • Is managing your revenue property and dealing with bad tenants driving you crazy? Are you ready to pack it in and not deal with the hassles anymore?

Would you consider creative solutions that allow you to move on with your life?
Consider selling your property to us. Together we can negotiate an offer that will suit your needs.

Tell us what your needs are and we'll offer creative solutions customize specifically for your situation.

We will get the deal done by taking care of all the paperwork, inspections, surveys, appraisals, title checks, insurance etc. We'll make it as easy as possible for you to sell that unwanted property.

Why Sell 2 Us?

  • No losing thousands more dollars in paying real estate commissions, we are not agents.
  • No repairs required, we’ll take care of that.
  • Close the deal when you want, without paying closing costs.
  • No “hassle” transaction, you just show up and sign the paperwork.

Time to get the ball rolling.
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