Joint Venture Partners

As an investor, you build your portfolio with liquid assets available for cash investing. You are not prepared or willing to take the time to find and manage the best real estate opportunities. You want the expertise of a partner to professionally manage your investment while you enjoy your leisure time with family, friends and doing whatever is most important to you. Our JV partners equally share the interest in all real property ventures. With legal partnerships in place, relax and watch your wealth build!


Some highlights of what we do:

  • Research the market and find the quality properties
  • Evaluate the potential of the property
  • Scrutinize the profitability of the property using a proven system ensuring it meets a high standards analysis
  • Complete a full due diligence on the property
  • Establish the needs and motivation of the seller
  • Find creative solutions to generate win / win arrangements for all parties involved
  • Creatively negotiate an attractive deal with the seller
  • Manage Tenants, properties and daily operations
  • Co-ordinate repairs and contractors
  • Manage incoming and outgoing payments
  • Write and co-ordinate the advertising
  • Continuously study the market place, property values and trends

A Professional Network that works for You


There are many professionals good at what they do, we work with some of the best! Our team of associates demonstrate these fine qualities

  • Are honest and straight forward
  • Credible and ethical
  • Enjoy what they do and are enthusiastic
  • Understand creativity, can be flexible and open minded
  • Have a history in completing creative real estate deals
  • Are familiar with both single family and multi family projects
  • Will do what ever it takes to get the deal done
  • Also believe in the value of strong business relationships

Our Team includes:
Mortgage Broker: Need to qualify or draw equity?
Home Inspection: Lowering the risk
Investor Networking: Connecting with like minds
Private Sales Network: Buy or Sell Commission Free.

Real Estate Professional: Agent assisted buying.

Financial Planning, Real Estate Lawyer and Accounting professionals.

Other Real Estate Investment Opportunities


Wholesale Property:

While finding the best deals for our investors, we also from time to time, secure opportunities that become available but do not fit our portfolio or that of our active investors. When this happens, we assign (wholesale) our right of the pre-negotiated contracts we have carefully chosen to other individual investors to take over and close with the pre-determined conditions. In turn we create winning solutions for a low assignment fee and continue to build future relationships.


Discounted Mortgage Notes:

From time to time, the opportunity comes available to create immediate return on your cash investment by purchasing promissory notes or second mortgage commitments under book value of the principle agreement. In addition to this instant gain, you also reap the benefit of the pre-arranged installment plan for the term of the agreement you purchased.


Multi Family Units:

Have you always wanted to own a part of an apartment building? Investing in 4 units or more may be out of reach for the individual investor, but through our professional network of associates, multi unit opportunities can be a reality. Occasionally such investments are presented to our investors. Will you be one of them?